Refractory disease and Acupuncture

Acupuncture helps when you facing Refractory disease, perticularly those chronic ones.

Acupuncture in the end is really effective?
Acupuncture is a method used to treat diseases in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a method of treating diseases by Acupuncture and moxibustion. It is one of the representative works of human intangible cultural heritage, which is recognized by UNESCO. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, acupuncture points can improve the flow of Qi(energe) in the channels and collaterals. Modern science has not yet discovered the existence of Qi, meridians and acupoints on the histology and physiology, and some of the contemporary acupuncture users are not based on the traditional theory system.
Contemporary scientific research supports the utility of acupuncture in relieving pain and postoperative nausea. It is questioned whether the utility of acupuncture is so weak  to establish a clinical relationship, and may be the result of a double-blind trial, or a placebo effect or publication bias.

Acupuncture has been widely studied. Because some people claim that acupuncture is effective for many diseases, the study of acupuncture is over the map all. One conclusion: in general, the problem is still non-conclusive. Ie. is to say that the existing evidence is insufficient.
I also had a special access to the Cochrane database, for each disease I ‘ve checked the summaries.
Overall, acupuncture may be effective in some ways, especially in pain related disorders. Positive research in this area is more. Of course, there are negative, so that the evidence is not very clear, it may be related to the design of the experiment. Because the double blind experiment of acupuncture is very difficult to implement, the quality of the experiment would have been more difficult to control. Moreover, the design of the experiment is also varied, the use of fake needle to do the control, the use of electric acupuncture, a variety of. That is, the quality of the experiment is not high, and so different designs, it is difficult to summarize the data together for analysis.
Controversy is in the end, do you need  get the needle into body? Or fake needles can also be ok? Or electrical stimulation? Is the acupuncture point really important?  Or is the needle itself more important? If you don’t need really sting into or point is not important, of course, is a slap in the face to the Chinese medicine theory, but is actually a good thing, if people can enjoy acupuncture benefits, but reduce the risk (infection, disinfection, plunge into a pneumothorax and so on), but this can be a great thing to the people of the world.
In this regard, acupuncture also need more research. I believe that acupuncture can be used if  safety ensured and  the normal treatment not delayed.
There is no point in trying to prove anything with your own experience. Single case does not prove effective. There are animals to do the experiment, we do not know if the theory of traditional Chinese medicine recognize the animals have acupuncture points, even if there is, it is also a distance from the clinical experiment. This can only provide theoretical guidance, can not be a conclusive evidence.


  1. misyima

    hope there is more info those chinese medicine masters, and where we can find them, and what kind of deseases they can handle.

  2. iksia

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